Does Wine Go Bad and How Long Can It Last?

Does Wine Go Bad and How Long Can It Last

Does Wine Go Bad and How Long Can It Last

There seem to be a lot of rules when it comes to storing, aging, and preparing wine. Many Americans enjoy the occasional glass or two of a sultry red wine or crisp, fruity white wine, but how fast do bottles go bad if left unfinished? Does wine go bad?

The answer is yes. Like any other natural drink or food, wine does go bad eventually. This article will touch on very common questions like “Does wine expire?” and “How will I know if my wine has gone bad?”

Follow along as we answer your burning questions and teach you a little bit about how you can make your favorite red, white, or fizzy wine last longer for your enjoyment. 

Wine’s impending expiration date

It is true that if you store wine properly and if the bottle is sealed, you can age a bottle year after year. But, the same cannot be said for an open bottle of wine. As soon as that bottle is corked, there is a definite expiration date attached. 

Storing wine is particular. You should always follow these steps:

  • Store your wine in a cool, dark space. Light and heat are wine’s enemy once bottled.
  • Store your wine in a lying position. This is done to preserve the cork as it is the stopgap between holes and air exposure that will lead your wine to go bad. 
  • Try not to move your wine too much, but rotate a few times a year. This will ensure the wine is being evenly distributed throughout the bottle and will be enjoyable when it is time to uncork your favorite aged wine.
  • Be patient. Wine will take a while to age. Consult the winery and get an idea regarding the time and length your favorite wines should chill after opening, how long it will last after it is worked, or the best way to store a particular bottle.

Wine’s impending expiration date

Does wine go bad after opening? Yes, it absolutely does. Just like storing wine is particular, the way you treat an opened bottle is particular, too. A wine expiration will have to do with the environment it has been opened and is being stored in. A wine near a window on a kitchen counter has a shorter life than a wine that is recorked and placed back into a wine cooler or refrigerator.

Once the wine is opened and the bottle is left unfinished, you will want to make sure your cork is placed back in the bottle and sealed tightly inside the neck. If you have misplaced the cork or the cork came out damaged, a stopper works as well. Or, you can place the plastic wrap around the opening of the wine bottle and secure it with a rubber band. 

How can you tell if a wine has gone bad?

Does red wine go bad, and how do you know? Quite simply, there are pretty clear taste indicators if a wine has gone bad. First, it will depend on the type of wine. Red wine will taste and smell tart and vinegary (depending on the palate, of course). There could also be discoloration on wines that have been overly exposed to sun or heat. This will taint the wine quickly and cause it to taste sour within a few days or even a few hours.

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