pairing wine and chocolate
Is it possible to not enjoy wine and chocolate together? The sweet, the savory, the bitter. It just always seems to work. But, did you know that you can really enhance a bar of great chocolate with an even better wine? Plus, chocolate and wine pairing can be a complete game changer when white or red is paired with a specific type of chocolate, too. Many wine tastings will include chocolate and wine together for
what is rose wine introduction
Rosé is not red wine, nor is it white, so what is a rosé wine? This bubbly, pink, fruity wine is just as much of a wine as a classic merlot or white pinot grigio, only it is pink wine that is manufactured just like any other true label wine. In fact, the process is just as much the same when making rosé as it is with red or white. While rosé is not the
italian wine interesting facts
Italy is notorious for world-class wine, delicious, savory food, and rich culture. Embedded in history and culture, Italian wine in Italy is a staple for native Italians and for the rest of us who just really love Italian food and wine. Though many of us enjoy Italian wine, not all of us know wine facts on how it is made, what the real history is, and the process the grapes go through from start to
Sweet Prosecco Food Pairings Guide
Sparkly, fizzy, light, and sweet, Prosecco is an easy to drink, fun wine that pairs with just about anything at any point in the day! From breakfast to dinner, you can enjoy your favorite food pairings with Prosecco and still enjoy the body, flavor, and palate of the wine alongside your food. Prosecco is one of Italy’s most popular sparkling wines because of the light, fizzy flavor and affordability. We have compiled a guide of
What is Moscato Flavors, Pairings and Wine Styles
Beloved among many different wine palates, Moscato can almost certainly be classified as one of the most popular among wine lovers, but it is also a relatively unknown wine type when it comes to pairings, i.e., what the different types of Moscato are like with certain pairings with an audience who are relatively unknown to the sweet wine world. For those who know and love Moscato, here’s the perfect inspiration for your next pairing party,