Sweet Prosecco Food Pairings Guide

Sweet Prosecco Food Pairings Guide

Sweet Prosecco Food Pairings Guide

Sparkly, fizzy, light, and sweet, Prosecco is an easy to drink, fun wine that pairs with just about anything at any point in the day! From breakfast to dinner, you can enjoy your favorite food pairings with Prosecco and still enjoy the body, flavor, and palate of the wine alongside your food.

Prosecco is one of Italy’s most popular sparkling wines because of the light, fizzy flavor and affordability. We have compiled a guide of our favorite Prosecco pairing with different types of food, throughout the day, and some fun occasions to share in a sparkling glass with your friends.

What is Prosecco?

Before we dive into our favorite Prosecco food pairing guide, let’s dive into where this delicious wine comes from. Knowing and understanding the background to this fine wine and knowing what grapes are used will shed some light on just why our favorite food pairings with Prosecco work so well from breakfast to dessert.

Prosecco wine derives from the grape-growing region of North-Eastern Italy. Many Prosecco drinkers describe Prosecco as light, fruity, sweet, and even nutty. This sweet wine is mostly made from the green, thin-skinned Glera grape with smells of peach, pear, vanilla, and white flowers.

Because of the taste, this fun wine can be consumed at just about any time of day, so we have broken down the major meals throughout the day and given out best suggestions for different types of food, snacks, meals, and more.

Guide to Prosecco Food Pairing


Who doesn’t love a good brunch? This bubbly beverage is a shoo-in for mimosas, mandarin orange sparkling drinks, grapefruit bubbly, or even cranberry juice or orange bitters with a splash of Prosecco to top it off. What breakfast food pairs the best with Prosecco? We love Prosecco as a sweet side to eggs Benedict, a vegetable omelet with goat cheese, pancakes, and avocado toast!

The sweet side of Prosecco adds an element of fun to the salty, savory dishes that make brunch one of the best and most sought-out meal of the day. One of our favorite Prosecco wines to pair with just about any brunch item is Castello Del Poggio’s Sparkling Moscato, with hints of acacia and pear alongside a crisp, fizzy finish.


Prosecco is perfect for a light lunch. With hints of fruit, this frizzante wine pairs perfectly with a summer arugula salad, a cured meat or charcuterie board, and aged cheeses like gouda, manchego, sharp cheddar, and even light, creamy Havarti. Enjoy the salty balance of the meat with the sweet apricot and pear-forward Prosecco or Moscato of choice.

Another great pairing is the classic tomato, basil, mozzarella bruschetta. Switch it up with different variations of bruschetta as well, including spinach artichoke spread, goat cheese, and roasted red peppers, and our favorite, brie with sliced green apples.

Our favorite sparkling wine to pair with lunch include both Castello Del Poggio sweet Prosecco and sweet rose!

Light Afternoon Snack

Nothing gives you quite the quick fix you need like a delicious afternoon snack paired with sparkling wine. Right before dinner, grab yourself a salty snack that will give your sparkling rose, Prosecco, or Moscato the perfect sweet to salty balance. Whether you are socializing at a happy hour or relaxing with loved ones outside on the deck, an afternoon snack plus a sparkling wine is fun and delicious.

Your tastebuds will go into overdrive with a spread of cheese and roasted nuts, lightly salted popcorn with drizzled coconut oil, a side of crunchy chips, or even sweet potato french fries. A great afternoon snack frizzante is Castello Del Poggio’s sweet Prosecco.

Light Afternoon Snack



Usually, when wine drinkers think about a beverage to have with dinner, Prosecco isn’t the first wine that comes to mind. Contrary to popular belief, a sparkling or frizzante wine is the perfect addition to many dinner items for heavier dishes and lighter dishes as well, although the suggested uses are different.

For a heavier dish like a pasta with a heavy cream sauce, we suggest a sweet Prosecco is used to clear or cleanse the palate in-between eating rich, heavier dishes. If you are consuming a dish that is somewhere between a heavy pasta but not at light as a salad, Prosecco is incredibly refreshing. One of our favorite dinner dishes is a white fish or seafood dish with fresh vegetables on the side.

As we read in the lunch category, salty meats are perfect pairings with Prosecco, as the rich salty flavors are balanced out by the acidic, sweet tones of a Prosecco, rose, or Moscato. Choose a ribeye, prosciutto, bacon wrapped figs, or even a grilled chicken to enjoy with your frizzante wines.


Dessert time calls for a wine that will end the night with a light, fruit-forward beverage to enhance the rich, deep desserts we all know and love. What we love about Prosecco before, during, and after dessert is the cleansing impact it has on the taste buds. No matter what type of dish you had earlier in the night, you can cap off your evening with a fresh palate ready to dive into your favorite after-dinner treats.

An ‘Extra-Dry’ or ‘Brut’ as labeled in the United States pairs with chocolate covered strawberries, or even a sweet, subtly rich vanilla cake. For sweeter desserts, pair with a Castello Del Poggio sweet red, Prosecco, or sparkling Moscato. Enjoy a fruit tart, sweet cheesecake, or gelato.

For more information on Castello Del Poggio wines and how you can integrate these fun, fizzy treats into your cooking, read our other articles and learn more about why people are turning to Prosecco and other sparkling wines at any occasion!

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