7 Facts About Rosé Best Summer Wine

7 Facts About Rosé Best Summer Wine

7 Facts About Rosé Best Summer Wine

Rosé season is upon us, and what could be a better time than now to start learning about the pink, sweet, crisp wine that so many of us love and enjoy on the beach, poolside, at happy hour, or just about anywhere the sun is shining and summer can be fully taken advantage of. 

Fun, flirty, sweet, yet dry, rosé embodies similar characteristics to many different kinds of wine. The dryness of a Pinot Noir, the sweetness of a Pinot Gris, and acidic like a Chardonnay or even light like Champagne. Truly, rosé is a crowd pleaser for many, many reasons.

Rosé wine is actually a very old wine with a rich history that will likely shock you! Likewise, you will find in this article what does rosé wine taste like, as well as some fun facts about this wine and interesting pairings you can couple alongside this popular wine. 

Fun Facts About Wine: 7 Facts About Rosé

1. Rosé wine is very old!

Experts claim that rosé came on to the scene around 7000 BC! While you might not be familiar with this summer libation now, it has been enjoyed in areas of France and Italy for thousands of years!

2. There are 50 Shades of Rosé!

Okay, maybe there aren’t 50, but there is a multitude of shades of rosé that stem from the skin of the grape. Depending on how long the skin soaks with the rosé, you will get a variant shade. Generally, the skins aren’t allowed to soak for too long, which is why you will rarely see a dark pink or red rose.

The grape is crushed with the skin intact and the longer the rosé sits with its skin, the darker shade the rosé will be! This also depends on which region your rosé comes from. Wine from the motherland of Provence is typically very light, while a Castello Del Poggio sweet rosé from Italy is a robust pink. 

shades of rose

3. Rosé wine is not blended with other wines.

Contrary to popular belief, rosé wine is not a mix of red and white wine. Rosé is made like most wines, only the winery or winemaker will allow for time to pass with the grape skin exposed to the crushed liquid or juice for 24-48 hours!

4. Rosé is a cheap date!

No, rosé wine isn’t a throwaway wine type, but it is cheaper than most wines. This is, in part, due to the fact that rosé wine is pretty low maintenance! It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make and is best consumed within just a few years or more of bottling. 

5. Rosé is often misunderstood!

This wine isn’t as celebrated as a Pinot Noir or bottle of champagne, however, it is just as good! For many years, rosé was considered the underdog of wine because of its color. After successful promotional tours, rosé has started to rise to the scene as a wine to be reckoned with!

6. Rosé is not the same as Moscato

Which is not the same as Blush wine. Although the line is fine, they are, in fact, quite different. Rosé is typically much drier as compared to a Blush wine and isn’t fizzy like a Moscato. 

7. Different Country, a different name for rose

In France, rosé is rosé, but in Italy, it is known as Rosato, and in Spain, similarly, it is known as Rosado! 

What does rosé taste like?

Rosé is a wine that is truly unlike any other. It is sweet, yet dry, fruit-forward with an acidic finish. Depending on the type of rosé you’ve chosen, it can be enjoyed with a wide range of food, snacks, cheese boards, meals, and even desserts. In fact, it is perfect for any occasion, and paired wonderfully with items you might not expect! 

On a bright summer or spring day, rosé is best enjoyed with light salads, pasta, and even cooked rice dishes! You will enjoy a crisp rose with seafood as well. Aim for a light fish with citrus or herb garnish to bring the fruit flavors forward. 

Celebrating? Rosé is a perfect pairing for a dinner party or celebration due to the light body and fun taste! You can enjoy your favorite rosé with a wide range of desserts, including chocolate dipped strawberries, dark chocolate cake, or even gelato! 

Interested in trying a new wine? Our rosé at Castello Del Poggio is a perfect wine for just about any occasion. Read through some of our articles to find the perfect Castello Del Poggio wine for your next dinner party, celebration, happy hour, or simply a wine that will pair perfectly with a day or afternoon of fun. 

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