sparkling moscato


Sweet Sparkling Wine

While creating our Moscato Sparkling Wine, the goal was to capture a unique fruity sensation and combine it with just the right amount of frizzante. This low-alcohol beverage is made from Moscato Bianco, a white wine grape variety, mostly grown in the northwestern part of Italy. Apart from an overall complex flavor, these small but juicy grapes are known for producing a rather delicate sweetness complemented with a refreshing sparkling sensation.

Our flavorful italian Sparkling Moscato includes aromas of medlar, pear, and acacia flowers, a combination that will evoke all your senses, thanks to a balanced and crisp finish. This versatile sparkling italian wine can be served as an aperitif or paired with your favorite dessert.

Sweet Details

Color: Deep straw yellow with light green reflections

Bouquet: Tasteful and complex, including medlar, pear, and acacia flowers

Palate: Balanced, with medium minerality and a crisp, effervescent finish

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