Castello del Poggio bottles the Sweet Life in Italy amid a lush landscape that blooms within its own microclimate. This is where the world’s most sought after wines are produced, including our latest Sweet Collection: Moscato, Sweet Rosé, Sweet Red, Sweet Prosecco and Sparkling Moscato.


Each of our wines is the product of centuries of the Italian lighthearted way of living. Life is simple, all you need is the sun’s warm rays, good company, and a glass of Castello del Poggio. Hello sweet life!

Making Wines

making our wines

After our Moscato became a bestseller, we were determined to expand our horizons and deliver the Sweet Life in even more varieties. By sourcing grapes from some of the most prestigious regions of Northern Italy since 1706, we’ve created a full portfolio of wines from other popular categories. Now, you can taste the Sweet Life any way you’d like.

Wine Varieties

wine varieties

This new versatility helped us to create the Sweet Collection, which includes five different varieties to satisfy every Sweet Life seeker: Moscato, Rosé, Sweet Red, Prosecco, and Sparkling Moscato. From one of the world’s most ancient grape varietals, Moscato Bianco, to the popular Glera, which produces our refreshing Prosecco, our Sweet Collection brings together all of Italy.

The Winary

the winery

Castello del Poggio has become a household name for those who seek spensieratezza – the Italian lighthearted way of life. The wines in our Sweet Collection embody all the wonders of a simple yet beautiful life, from warm breezes to familiar laughter. With every sip, Northern Italy’s picturesque mountains and cobbled streets will feel just beyond your doorstep, even if you’ve never visited the beautiful country.

Sweet Life, Sweet Words