Prosecco Wine Sweet Taste

Prosecco Demi – Sec Sparkling Wine

The lightness and bubbliness of our Prosecco makes it the perfect wine to represent the Italian tradition of spensieratezza – the lighthearted way of life. Bottled in Veneto, this crisp, fruit-forward Prosecco is both refreshing and versatile, making it perfect for the everyday wine drinker. Its golden apple notes pair best with fresh seafood, cured meats, guilt-free desserts, and unconditional joy. This sweet Italian wine is a perfect drink for any occasion.

Sweet Details

Color: Bright straw yellow with a delicate perlage

Bouquet: Intense and fruity, with golden apple notes

Palate: Fresh and fruity, with a strong minerality. Sweet honey notes make this wine balanced and elegant.


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