What is Moscato? Flavors, Pairings and Wine Styles

What is Moscato Flavors, Pairings and Wine Styles

What is Moscato Flavors, Pairings and Wine Styles

Beloved among many different wine palates, Moscato can almost certainly be classified as one of the most popular among wine lovers, but it is also a relatively unknown wine type when it comes to pairings, i.e., what the different types of Moscato are like with certain pairings with an audience who are relatively unknown to the sweet wine world.

For those who know and love Moscato, here’s the perfect inspiration for your next pairing party, to shock and awe your audience with unusual Moscato wine pairings.

As for the new-to-Moscato readers wondering what is Moscato wine, you will learn all about this fun, flirty, and bubbly (or frizzante, in Italian!) wine, learn about the Moscato wine flavors, and receive an informed Moscato description that will help you make the best choices when it is time to buy.

What is Moscato Wine?

Moscato wine is produced from the Moscato grape (Muscat Blanc). Most of these grapes are grown in the region of Piedmont, Italy. Labeled as “Moscato” or “Moscato d’Asti,” you will be able to pinpoint where exactly your Moscato derives from.

For many, Piedmont in Northwest Italy is where the best and most sought-after Moscato grapes have been growing for thousands of years. In fact, Moscato Blanc has a reputation for being the oldest grape in the world! It is no wonder Moscato is so loved and revered within the wine-drinking community.

While Moscato is made around the world and isn’t exclusive to Piedmont, the most robust grapes will come from this region and provide a light, sweet, and fun taste for wine lovers.

Moscato wine profile

Aromatic profile:

For the new wine lover in search of a new flavor of wine, Moscato is classified as a light-body, sweet, fizzy beverage that, while lower on the scale of alcohol content (around 5.5% ABV), has an uplifting fragrance with notes of peach, white flower, honey, nutty tones of almonds and even a bit of ginger for some types. Subtle fragrances can range from citrus to honeysuckle, which are robust in the taste palate of many Moscato drinkers.

Taste profile:

Similar to the aromatic profile, Moscato wine types generally relay the same taste palate as the fragrance. For some, the fruit is sweet-forward first and finishing with a taste of almond, ginger, or peach. The uplifting bubbles mask the relatively medium bodied acidity and create a very light and delicate taste that is perfect for morning tastings and after dessert tastings to cleanse the palate.

Color profile:

Moscato, like many wines, embodies a color profile that has a slight range. For most Moscato wines, straw yellow is generally the most common color, with lighter or deeper yellow and gold tones.

The difference between common Moscato vs pink Moscato is in the grapes used! Pink Moscato is made from the Muscat Blanc grape. Many wine drinkers who compare the two find that, while both are dry, pink Moscato is slightly sweeter with the same fruit forward tones and bubbly finish.

What pairings go with Moscato?

Moscato, like Champagne, should always be served chilled, making it the perfect pair with fruits like apple, peach, and fresh berries. You can pair it with fruit, a light salad with crisp greens for a wonderful afternoon meal or leave the Moscato chilling for an after dinner tasting with desserts ranging from apple pie to peach cobbler, chocolate dipped strawberries and even gelato.

When making a charcuterie plate, place fruit around light cheeses, honey, wafer crackers, fresh cuts of meat, dried nuts like almonds, and small cakes that will flood the palate with light, bubbly, sweet, and slightly savory tastes that bring the fruit forward and complete the journey with a strong, cleansing finish.

If you have a more adventurous palate, you might be surprised to find that Moscato wine is a fabulous pairing with spicy food! Due to the acidity and sweetness, if you are dining out at a Thai restaurant, for example, you can calm the spice with a splash of Moscato intermittently.

What pairings go with Moscato

What type of Moscato should you choose?

Like all wines, Moscato has different styles based on the region, grape, and brand. Here are some of the most popular Moscato wine flavors:

Sparkling or Semi-Sparkling Moscato

Moscato d’Asti labeling will classify a sparkling or semi-sparkling Moscato and typically will be guaranteed to have been produced in the most popular and most revered region of Piedmont, Italy. These Moscato types are fizzy, light, and have fruit-forward tones that are very classically revered to Moscato types. Expect tastes like peach, honeysuckle, white flower, and peach.

Still Moscato

Still Moscato is produced from the Muscat Blanc grape and other variations of the grape including Muscat of Alexandria. Still Moscatos are produced throughout the world, including Spain and Austria. A still Moscato will taste drier but still possess the same sweet tastes of Sparkling or Semi-Sparkling Moscato that contains bubbles.

Pink Moscato

This fun, sparkling variation of the classic Moscato has a unique twist of Muscat grapes happily married to Merlot grapes giving the color a tinge of pink. Unlike the bold peach or pear-forward palates of a classic Moscato, pink Moscato has a glimmer of strawberry fruit from the Merlot.

Red Moscato

Also known as Black Muscat, these rare brands and variations of Moscato wine are a whirlwind of tastes, ranging from a deep, juicy raspberry or strawberry to tones of Assam black tea. How is this possible? Rare red Moscato is made from the Schiava grape and Muscat of Alexandria.

Moscato Dessert Wines

The sweetest of the sweet category goes to the Moscato dessert wine. The sweet palate is woven in with caramel tones from the Moscatel Roxo grapes and Muscat grapes. Serve with or even over ice cream for a wonderful weave of sweet, creamy, and rich flavor.

The best possible advice is to choose a wine that is the best quality with the most concentrated flavor. You are guaranteed to love and enjoy Moscato from the award-winning Castello Del Poggio winery, that has received the “2018 Hot Brand” award for the fourth year in a row.

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